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Are Schwinn Bikes Good? Schwinn Bikes Review (Top 7 of 2023)

Are Schwinn Bikes Still Good - Featured Image

Now, you’re ready to choose one from a vast array of bicycles. How do you know the best company to support?

You need a brand name bike to make sure you get the best. Schwinn was the bike of your childhood, but are Schwinn bikes good in 2020?

If you prefer a quality bike, you may consider the Schwinn bike company. I’m excited to show you my favorites.

Schwinn Bonafide - Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide – Mountain Bike


Schwinn Sanctuary 7 – Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Phocus - Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1400/1600 Drop Bar – Road Bike

The Best Schwinn Bikes Reviews for 2020

You’ve decided on a Schwinn quality bike. Simply choosing a brand name you know and trust is the easiest way to find good bicycles. Make it even easier by enjoying our list of the best Schwinn bikes. In this article, I review 7 of the best Schwinn bikes in 2020: 

  1. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 – Cruiser Bike (BEST CRUISER BIKE)
  2. Schwinn Bonafide Mens – Mountain Bike (BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE)
  3. Schwinn Phocus 1400/1600 Drop Bar – Road Bike (BEST ROAD BIKE)
  4. Schwinn Vantage Adventure – Gravel Bike
  5. Schwinn Siro Comfort – Hybrid Bike
  6. Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle – BMX Bike
  7. Schwinn Meridian – Adult Trike

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1. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 – Cruiser Bike (BEST CRUISER BIKE)

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 - Cruiser Bike


  • Frame: Steel

  • Brakes: Linear Pull
  • Speed Settings: 7
  • Shifters: SRAM
  • Weight: 38.8 Pounds

When you’re looking for a hint of nostalgia, the Sanctuary delivers vintage with modern accessories. Boasting a full steel frame, this cruiser is meant for neighborhood jaunts.

You could handle some steeper hills, but off-roading isn’t this bike’s forte.

You also don’t want to shift carelessly, as it’s prone to lose the chain. Luckily, it’s easy to put back on without using tools.

Part of its charm includes full bumpers that protect from mud splatters. Additions to the classic design include wide handlebars and a bag rack.

If you’re a parent, this can be fitted to a baby seat (or just use it to carry the diaper bag!).

It’s comfortable for long, idling rides down the boardwalk because of the spring-loaded seat. The step-over is quite shallow, so it’s easy to mount and ride even if your body is feeling stiff.

Alternatively, there’s a step-through model available if that’s more your style.


  • Great aesthetics.

  • Steel frame.
  • Cargo rack.
  • Step-over and step-through frames to choose from.
  • Spring-loaded seat base.


  • Chain slips easily in highest and lowest gears.

  • Professional assembly recommended for the smoothest ride.

2. Schwinn Bonafide Mens – Mountain Bike (BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE)

Schwinn Bonafide


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Disc
  • Speed Settings: 24
  • Shifters: Shimano EZ-Fire trigger
  • Weight: 39 lbs

Serious trails? The Bonafide lives up to its name.

It’s one of my favorites to shred down a slope since the disc brakes will stop when I need to.

With other bicycles, you may find yourself repairing more often, after all, it’s important to have heavy-duty components when you’re crashing through the underbrush!

The front suspension fork is meant to take a beating, and its larger tires mean that you can be the leader of your group.

While this Schwinn mountain bike is meant for taller operators, it can fit someone as short as 5 foot 7 inches.

Ride with confidence through streams, over hills, and down embankments with this Schwinn Bonafide. 


  • Lightweight aluminum frame.

  • 24 speed so you can hit any trail.
  • Excellent welding and construction.


  • Solid for a daily rider, not suitable for extreme hardcore trails.

  • Does not come in multiple sizes, meant for taller riders.

3. Schwinn Phocus 1400/1600 Drop Bar – Road Bike (BEST ROAD BIKE)

Schwinn Phocus 1400/1600 Drop Bar


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Caliper
  • Speed Settings: 16
  • Shifters: Micro shift integrated
  • Weight: 31 lbs

Carbon fiber fork construction means the Phocus is top of the line.

The specialty wheels and rims weigh next to nothing while still being strong. You can easily repair a wheel with a quick-release front tire.

Either 14 or 16 speed gears are more than enough to handle road conditions.

Schwinn road bikes review report this is best used in neighborhoods on tarmac. The 1600 model is perfect for smaller riders who need a drop bar for comfort.


  • Carbon fork.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Quick-release seats for simple adjustments.


  • Sizing is different from other bikes, make sure to consult the sizing charts.

4. Schwinn Vantage Adventure – Gravel Bike


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Disc
  • Speed Settings: 21
  • Shifters: 21-speed drivetrain
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs

I love the adventure bike shape. While it’s obviously meant to be ergonomic for balance, it reminds me of the shape an old-timey explorer would have used.

The curved handlebars keep you safe but also look great.

Schwinn smooth ride technology allows you to quest in updated comfort. You can feel safe knowing that hydraulic disc brakes will keep you on the right path.

Schwinn bike reviews tout the Vantage as an excellent buy for the price.

The lightweight even allows you to pick it up easily, ready to throw on a bike rack, and take to your next adventure.


  • High-quality construction.

  • Comfortable seat, easily adjustable.
  • Soft tail suspension for easy gravel and sand handling.


  • Some users say that rear derailleur often needs tuning out of the box.

  • Wheels may need to be replaced quickly.
  • Higher price range.

5. Schwinn Siro Comfort – Hybrid Bike


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Linear Pull
  • Speed Settings: 21
  • Shifters: Shimano EZ Fire shifters
  • Weight: NA

Do you want to ride on regular roads AND hit some more complicated off-road trails? If you’re looking for the best of both, a hybrid bike is perfect for you.

It has a light aluminum frame, but stays steady with a sleek shock absorber. It comes in both step-over and step-through designs.

This model seems to require a bit more attention when assembling. Perhaps the Siro Comfort is best left to the professionals; home construction is available with delivery. Mountain bike reviews say this awesome shifting system can really make the off-roading time easy.


  • Perfect for here and there rides.

  • Quick drop trigger for shifting
  • Shock-absorbing suspension.
  • Step-over and step-through designs.


  • Due to brake line placement, it can be difficult to pick up or mount a bike rack.

  • Seat can be uncomfortable for longer rides.

6. Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle – BMX Bike

Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle


  • Frame: Steel

  • Brakes: Caliper
  • Speed Settings: 1
  • Shifters: NA
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs

If you have an eye for classic 1980s nostalgia, then this is your dream.

The Predator is ready for obstacle courses and short trails. It can handle sand and gravel, as well as smooth blacktop.

The brakes are independent, one per wheel, so you can really adjust how you stop.

If you don’t need the over the top gears that come with a mountain bike, then consider the BMX style. Y

You’ll still get solid construction as well as a lower price point.

It’s great for younger kids who want something cooler that can go from town to trail.


  • Simple, solid construction.

  • Can handle multiple terrains.
  • Class retro design.


  • Will require tuning if you really shred over obstacle courses.

  • Seat can be uncomfortable.

7. Schwinn Meridian – Adult Trike

Schwinn Meridian - Adult Trike


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Linear Pull
  • Speed Settings: 1
  • Shifters: NA
  • Weight: 73 lbs

I remember time spent riding my tricycle as a child — now, I can take this adult version on a leisurely ride.

If you’re looking for a bit of whimsy in your life, this Schwinn quality bike can help you have fun! Not only is it interesting to look at but it has increased stability due to its three-wheel design.

It’s easy to use the rear basket to hold all your shopping — or even a picnic basket. The wide handlebars bend back to allow you to sit on the saddle in comfort, and the tire bumpers give it a homespun ambiance.

Since the crossbar is super low, it may be labeled a ‘girls bike’ BUT if you’re experiencing limited mobility, the shape of this bike can help you keep riding since it’s easier to mount and stay upright.


  • Bent handlebars for riding comfort.

  • Unique style.
  • Particularly good for older people due to its frame shape.


  • Requires relearning how to ride a bike.

  • Heavy and bulky, compared to road bikes.


Schwinn bikes are part of a legacy — being the best in bike shops.

Since Schwinn is still making great bicycles in 2020, they’ll stay a part of the legacy. Compared to other bike brands, this brand will give you something to get you riding!

History of Schwinn Quality Bikes

Over 100 years ago, Ignaz Schwinn and business partners started a factory making the brand new craze — bicycles. The turn of the century saw the nation going gaga for good bikes — Schwinn became a legend. (1)

One by one, they added Schwinn mountain bikes and more road bikes to their options. 

Different Quality Categories

There are two different categories of Schwinn bikes: Signature and Discount bikes.

Discount Models

If you’re looking for a starter bike, then the Schwinn Discount series could be right for you. These bicycles are sold at big box stores at competitive prices.

If you’re a serious mountain biker, this is not the bike for you. Discount Schwinn bikes are best saved for a kid’s first bike or a simple commuter model.

Signature Series

The Schwinn family has a great second line of more midline bikes. You can get these higher-end models online through specialty retailers and bike shops.

Higher quality and with more components, these bikes are for more serious riders who still want to be a part of the Schwinn family.

Advantages of Schwinn Bikes

These bikes are great for casual riders who like a bit of edge.

A Schwinn is not a couture made-to-order bike. It is a well made, standard bike. There aren’t too many bells and whistles, but the components of Schwinn brand bikes are high, and they’re built to last.

Old Schwinn Bicycle

Disadvantages of Schwinn Bikes

If you’re looking to do marathons every weekend or serious National Park level mountain biking, a Schwinn probably isn’t for you.

A person who wants to ride at a more professional level might want to start customizing their bike. Schwinn recommends that you upgrade only with Schwinn quality items, which means your bike can’t be as customized as you would like. (2)

Schwinn bikes are great for mid-level riders who use their bikes a few times a week.

Types of Schwinn Bikes

Choosing the right bike for your activity is the first decision to find a cycle for you. What are you planning to do on this bike?

Road Bikes

These bikes are for races, group rides, or leisure riding. Road bikes are easy to maneuver and tend to be made of lighter metals and carbon.

Aerodynamic handlebars ease you into a more horizontal riding position — this makes your body more ergonomic.

Mountain Bikes

If you’re looking to shred, you’ll need a mountain bike!

Perfect for riding exciting trails and varying terrain, a Schwinn mountain bike is usually heavier. This will help absorb the shock when you hit rocks and branches while going downhill.

Mountain bikes come in hardtail or full suspension. Generally, hardtail mountain bikes will be less expensive — they are less complicated. Schwinn mountain bikes reviews say full suspension will be easier to handle, but they often come at a higher price point.

Hybrid Adventure Bikes

I like to think of the hybrids as the best of both worlds. They are not meant to replace, but to combine the best features for casual riders.

Couple Having Fun On Schwinn Bicycles

If you use a hybrid bike for your daily commute, you can also use it on the weekend to conquer some trails.

Cruiser Bikes

To me, most cruiser bikes can look like vintage finds. The frame has a lower crossbar and often has a swooping design.

The style is perfect for those who want an Instagramable moment! You won’t be able to crash through the underbrush on a mountain trail, but you will be able to navigate the urban jungle.

Specialized Bikes

For those looking for something more specialized, Schwinn caters to almost everyone.

They have kids bikes,  balance bikes for kids to learn how to use two wheels, electric bicycles for extra power, adult tricycles for those who need more stability, and even BMX bikes for racing and stunting.


There are two options when you receive a bike — home assembly, or professional. If you’re confident in your assembly abilities, Schwinn reviews say they’re relatively easy to assemble.

If you’re getting your first bike, it’s a great idea to go to a bike shop and have the cycle put together and tuned to perfection. Some models also offer at-home assembly during delivery.


Whether you’re looking for your first or your fifth bicycle, there are a lot of factors to consider. What kind do you need? Can you trust Schwinn to give you a quality ride?

Since this renowned bike company had its heyday in the 1950s, you might wonder, “Are Schwinn bikes still good in 2020?”

I say, yes! After many years, Pacific Cycles bought Schwinn. Even with mass production becoming easier, their quality is good, and brand loyalty is high. The company still makes bicycles by mass production, though now the bikes are produced outside the USA.

I get it. Good bikes can be expensive! Even if you choose an entry-level bike, it can still set you back.

You want to find one that will last. Since the company has many types of bikes to offer, you’ll find a great mid-range bike with Schwinn.

You’ve decided to upgrade. Good for you! If you want something more than a mass-produced, but still high-quality model, it’s time to check out the Signature series.dis

These bikes aren’t available in a big box store like Wal-Mart, but only through a bike store or sports retailer that carries Pacific Cycles.

The Schwinn brand has a great reputation for producing a diverse product line, including Schwinn mountain, cruisers, and even electric bikes. Schwinn bikes are highly reviewed and can compete. (3)

It has been mentioned that Schwinn has two lines of bikes: Retail and Signature. If we were giving out gold medals, the Signature line would win hands down for quality in sports authority. But what if we compared Schwinn bikes to a competitor?

Huffy bikes are sold in mass-market retailers, along with the more economical Schwinn models. With the addition of the higher-end Signature series, Schwinn has far more types of bikes available.

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