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Best Bike Water Bottle: 2023 Review

Man drinking from a bike water bottle

How to find the best bike water bottle

Cycling is a fun and healthy exercise. Not only does this strengthen your muscles, but it also improves your cardiovascular health.

You can’t function at your best when you’re running low in fuel, in this case — water.

That’s where cycling water bottles come in handy.

In this article, I’ll review the following 8 best cycling water bottles for 2021. 

  1. CamelBak Podium Big Chill (MY FAVORITE)
  2. Elite Super Corsa
  3. Simply Pure Purist
  4. CamelBak Podium
  5. Polar Insulated Bottle
  6. Zipp Purist Watergate
  7. Zefal 164 Bottle
  8. Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottle

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Top 8 of The Best Bike Water Bottles

1. CamelBak Podium Big Chill (MY FAVORITE)

CamelBak Podium Big Chill


  • Capacity: 25oz

  • Insulation: Double-Walled Construction
  • Bottle Material: Trutaste Polypropylene with Hydroguard
  • Cap: Self-sealing Jet Valve cap

The CamelBak Podium Big Chill should be your number one insulated bike water bottle choice if you’re in for long cycling rides, and you want your water to either stay cold or hot all-ride-long.

It’s included in this menu of top picks because it features a double-walled construction to keep water inside cold or hot.

The Jet Valva cap also ensures fast water delivery and a smooth flow rate.

I find this useful, especially if I want to have a quick gulp without spilling.

Its cap has a secured lockout for added security. It should be one of your accessories if you’d like to get rid of any plastic flavors from your water because of its Hydro Guard feature.

The Big Chill has a product dimension of 10.8 x 3 x 3 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces.

It’s no the lightest, but it also isn’t the heaviest of the list.

But it’s good to mention this bottle can hold a fair amount of water so you won’t be short of hydration even on very long rides.


  • Huge water capacity of 25 oz.

  • Easy to use because of flexible and grippy texture
  • No weird plastic flavors even when drinking hot water


  • The interior is hard to clean because of its shape

2. Elite Super Corsa

Elite Super Corsa


  • Capacity: 750 Milliliters

  • Insulation: NA
  • Bottle Material: Biodegradable
  • Cap: New triple-function cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle is easy on the mouth and delivers fluid fast

The Elite Super Corsa is one of the best water bottles in the market. 

It has a blow-off feature that lowers the chances of having a dropped bottle take down a rider.

It makes it a go-to bottle for those who are into racing.

It also works great for group rides because everybody’s safety in these kinds of rides is a priority.

The entire bottle is biodegradable. The bottle is made out of corn-based plastic.

You’ll find its triple-cap function useful as it makes it easy to drink from while riding.

On top of that, it has an ergonomic shape to give you a good grip.


  • Easy to use

  • Fits the bottle cage well
  • Made out of quality materials


  • Corn-based plastic material makes it easy to get scratches when you put the bottle in and out off the cage

3. Simply Pure Purist

Simply Pure Purist


  • Capacity: 1.4 Pounds

  • Insulation: NA
  • Bottle Material: Glass, Plastic
  • Cap: Self-sealing

The Simply Pure Purist is another bottle you might want to try.

I find this one of the best bottles because of its fixy cap feature.

A fixy cap means that it’s always open, and you don’t have to tinker with it while riding compared to other regular bottles.

It also has an ergonomic shape, making it easy to hold on even while riding your bike.

You’ll find its clear view strip useful. This way, you always know how much water is inside your bottle. 

It’s worth noting the bottle manufacture is Specialized Bikes, a bike brand you can trust.


  • Keeps the water cool

  • No bad plastic odor
  • Easy to squeeze because of the flexible texture


  • Limited water capability

  • Will easily have molds if left unwashed

4. CamelBak Podium

CamelBak Podium


  • Capacity: 24oz

  • Insulation: NA
  • Bottle Material: BPA-Free TruTaste Polypropylene
  • Cap: High Flow, Self-sealing Cap

Then there’s the CamelBak Podium water bottle.

The name speaks for itself. It comes from one of the most popular brands in outdoor gears.

But it’s more than just branding in this case because this one’s loaded with useful features.

Take, for example, its self-sealing cap that speeds up flow rate while avoiding spillage.

It has an optimized bottle cage fit design and it’s BPA-free.

Plus, you get the privilege of availing the Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee in case it has factory defects or gets damaged by natural causes.


  • Good water flow

  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • Easy to drink from because of nozzle design


  • It isn’t an insulated water bottle

5. Polar Insulated Bottle

Polar Bottle Insulated Bike Water Bottle


  • Capacity: 24 oz

  • Insulation: Tri-Layer Insulation
  • Bottle Material: 100% BPA-free and phthalate-free. Constructed of durable and lightweight LDPE
  • Cap: High-Flow, Self-Sealing Cap

I don’t think it’s surprising the Polar Insulated bottle is on the list as one of the best cycling water bottles.

It has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

It features a double-wall construction, which assures the original water temperature stays the same for hours.

This insulated water bottle even has foil layers to reflect solar heat away from the bottle.

The Polar Bottle insulated bottle is 100% free from BPA and made in the U.S.


  • Very lightweight

  • High water capacity of 24 oz
  • Aesthetically pleasing because of its shape and design


  • Some users complain about a plastic taste

6. Zipp Purist Watergate

Zipp Purist Watergate


  • Capacity: 22 Oz

  • Insulation: NA
  • Bottle Material: LDPE
  • Cap: Large Screw Cap

This Zipp bicycle water bottle is another candidate to be the best cycling water bottle on my list.

The bottle is made by Specialized Bikes.

It’s a 22 oz. bicycle water bottle that is proven to be phthalate and BPA-free. (1)

This one’s great for those who want to maintain clean water while on a bike ride.

The large screw cap on top of the bottle ensures a leak and spill-free experience.

It measures 10 x 7 x 4 inches and weighs 8 ounces, a bit heavier than other water bottles, but is still fine knowing that it can hold a fair amount inside.

What I love about this is the minimalist shape that makes it easy to clean and the sleek look.


  • No plastic taste

  • Flexible texture making it easy to squeeze
  • Easy to clean because of the simple shape and design


  • Flimsy construction because of overly flexible texture

7. Zefal 164 Bottle

Zefal 164


  • Capacity: 33 oz

  • Insulation: NA
  • Bottle Material: Soft low density material for easy squeezing
  • Cap: Soft Bite Valve

The Zefal 164 isn’t a regular bottle because of its construction from a soft and low-density material that makes it easy to squeeze it.

You should choose this bottle if what you’re after are convenience and capacity.

Take note this bottle got a huge 33 oz. capacity!

You can even put a big block of ice in it as it has a large mouth opening.

The screw-top design and soft bite valve make the whole experience better.

The Zefal 164 measures 3.9 x 3.9 x 5.9 inches and weighs a very light 1.6 ounces.

Making this a great choice if you’re looking for a lightweight bottle.


  • Huge water capacity of 33 oz

  • A great fit on most bottle holders


  • Can leak if totally full

8. Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottle

Pro Bike Tool Insulated Cycling Water Bottle


  • Capacity: 24 oz

  • Insulation: Double wall insulation with foam liner insulation in between walls
  • Bottle Material: Silicone
  • Cap: Easy Squeeze & Fast Flow Valve

The Pro Bike Tool is the last one on my list of the best water bottles for cycling.

It has double-wall insulation that keeps your water cool or hot, making this a great choice if you’re looking for an insulated water bottle.

It’s compatible with most regular bottle cages because of its design and shape.

This bottle is 100% free from BPA as well.

It weighs a light 3.2 ounces, making this a good contender for the lightest bottles in this review roundup.


  • Scratch-resistant when pulling it in and out of the cage

  • Flexible and easy to squeeze
  • Insulates water temperature well


  • Some users complain about an odd taste

What is the best water bottle for cycling?

Out of the 8 reviewed cycling water bottles, the one bottle that managed to be crowned as the best bicycle water bottle is the CamelBak Podium Big Chill.

Not only does it accommodate a huge water capacity thanks to its 25 oz. baggage, but it also easy to use because it is made from flexible material and has a grippy texture on its exterior.

There’s no need to worry about any bad taste or odor. This bottle is a must-have especially if you want to make the most out of your ride.

The Benefits of Using a Bike Water Bottle


Having a cycling water bottle makes cycling more comfortable and relaxed.

You don’t have to stop biking to drink water. You just bend over and reach out for your cycling water bottle while riding your bike.

Added Endurance

A cyclist drinking from a water bottle

Ride your bike for miles without feeling thirsty or exhausted. You always have a steady supply of water, thanks to your cycling water bottle.

It’s all about getting added endurance, where you have more fun to enjoy your ride. (2)

Safe and Secured

You don’t have to worry about the bottle falling off your bike. You have the option to choose a specially designed cycling water bottle that perfectly fits bottle cages.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bike Water Bottle


Know the material of the cycling bottle you’re getting.

It shouldn’t be too stiff so that it wouldn’t be hard for you to squeeze it when drinking.

Check if it’s BPA-free. You don’t want to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals.


Of course, the design of the bottle comes in to play. (3)

I choose my bottles looking at the design and the comfort of the bottle.

I prefer to choose a bottle that matches the colors and design of my bike. Next to that, it must be comfortable using on and off the bike.

Lid and Nozzle

Take note of the nozzle and lid. This is where the water will come out of the cycling water bottle.

Cycling water bottles should have big and comfortable nozzles, which makes it easier to drink water from.

You surely don’t want to drink from a bottle nozzle that is difficult to unlock when you’re at full speed and in need of water.


Do you want to drink cold water throughout your bike ride? If so, then you need an insulated water bottle.

The bike water bottle should be insulated and must keep your water cold or hot all ride long.

Also, take note of the bottle capacity as this depends on how much water you need to drink.

The best cycling water bottle should have a capacity that goes around 17 oz. and 25 oz.

Go for bigger water bottles for cycling if you’re usually off for long rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you find the most frequently asked questions about road bike water bottles

I advise you to clean your water bottle after every ride to prevent bacterial and mold growth.

Cleaning the bottle after every ride also ensures that it won’t have any awful scent.

You should clean your water bottle using a flowing tap and soap. Wash it with water on the sink and then pour dishwashing soap on a sponge.

Gently rub the sponge on the interior and exterior of the bottle.

A bidon is another name for a water bottle. Bottles for cycling were once called bidons.

Cyclists called it a bidon when the water bottles for cycling where still mounted on the handlebar instead of the down tube and seat tube of the bike.

The bidon was made out of metal and sealed with a cork.

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