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Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Gravel Bikes gained so much traction in the cycling World around three years ago, and we have all come to realize that they aren’t going away anytime soon. Gravel bikes are not only being bought by people that are interested in riding gravel but also people that are interested in having a do it all bike.

Cycling has so many disciplines, and it can get costly if you are going to partake in them all, you would need three types of mountain bike, a road bike, a TT bike, and many more.

A gravel bike, although it won’t be as effective as bikes made for particular disciplines, it will offer a bike with the ability to do most, and that is what makes them so unique. All these bikes in this article are excellent examples of gravel bikes and will suit many a riding style.


Masi Brunelleschi GRX 11


Giant Escape 3 City Disc


Marin Nicasio 2

Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Photo by delfino corti on Unsplash

What we look for when looking at the best Gravel bikes

When we look at Gravel bikes for less than $2000, we are offered a wide variety to choose from, so we will break the bikes down to what they are made of. In this article, the best gravel bikes under $2000, we will look at the bike’s parts to determine the quality and ability of each bike.

Frame – We are going to be looking at a couple of different types of materials. Steel and aluminum are the go-to materials at this price range of $2000 or less.

Groupset -At this price range, we will see some basic groupsets and some quite advanced groupsets. We are going to look at the brand, the range, ability, and quality.

Wheelset – 650b or 700c wheelsets are mainly used on Gravel Bikes. We will also look at brand, quality, and if they’re tubeless.

Brakes – We will be looking at both Hydraulic and Cable disc brakes on this list. At this price range, some are integrated into the shifters, and others are separate.

Unique Features -What on the bike makes it stand out from the crowd.

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View the best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 below

1. Best Overall: Masi Brunelleschi GRX 11

Masi Brunelleschi GRX 11

Features of the Masi Brunelleschi GRX 11

  • Aluminum Frame
  • GRX 11-speed Groupset 1x
  • 700c Wheelset with 40c Tires
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • A carbon fork, Adventure Mounts, Tubeless Ready

We’re straight out the gates with an incredible bike, the Masi Brunelleschi. As you can see, this bike stands out from the crowd with its very bold paint job. This is a lightweight Aluminium Frame paired with a Carbon fork and it’s stunning. It has a dropped chainstay and has clearance for tires up to 45c.

Not only that, it is full of bolts ready for bottle cages and bag mounting. The groupset isn’t just the Legendary Shimano GRX. It’s the 11-speed model, which is a 1x set up. If you have been lucky enough to try it before, you will know how good this gearing is.

It comes with 700c Tubeless-ready Wheelset and 40c tires as standard. Not only do you get all the above, but it has Shimano Hydraulic disk brakes too.

Pros and cons for the Masi Brunelleschi GRX 11

  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Shimano GRX 11 Speed Groupset
  • Lightweight Frame with Carbon Fork
  • Beautiful Paint Job
  • Paint job not for everyone
  • Right at the top of the budget
Why We Like It

This is the complete package. It’s light and fast, well equipped, and ready for anything from club runs to big adventures. For a rider like myself this is the perfect gravel bike.

2. All-City Space Horse 650b

All-City Space Horse 650b

Features of the All-City Space Horse 650b

  • 612 Select Steel Frame
  • Shimano Tiagra 2×10 Groupset
  • 650B Wheelset with 38c Tires
  • Cable Brakes
  • Tubeless Ready Rims

The All-City Space Horse is entirely different from many bikes on this list and is unique in itself. It’s a versatile gravel bike. It’s the complete opposite of the Masi Brunello and offers the user a very different experience.

The frame is lightweight Steel and will provide a considerable amount of comfort as it’s paired up with the All-City Steel Fork. It can run 47c tires on a 650b wheelset or 45c on a 700c wheelset. The groupset is the Shimano 2×10 Tiagra and offers a vast range of gears and options to get you up those longer climbs smoothly and efficiently.

It uses a WTB Tubeless-ready wheelset and is 650B as standard and paired with 38c tires. The brakes are mechanical disc brakes, and it is probably one of the most basic and reliable bikes on this list. It would be amazing for bike touring or as an adventure bike.

Pros and cons for the All-City Space Horse 650b

  • Super Comfortable
  • Ready for some serious touring
  • Super reliable
  • Heavier than other bikes on this list
  • Although well equipped with fundamental components
Why We Like It

The All-City Space horse is a fantastic bike and not only falls into the bracket of being a good gravel bike but would make an excellent touring bike. It is basic, but it works, and it works well.

3. VAAST A/1 700C GRX 2X

Features of the VAAST A/1 700C GRX 2X

  • AE81 /super Magnesium Frame
  • Shimano GRX 2×10 Groupset
  • 700c Wheelset with 37c Tires
  • Hydraulic GRX Brakes
  • Tubeless Ready Rims, Super Mag Frame, Carbon Fork

The VAAST A/1 is a very cool bike. Not only does it look like the best gravel bike, but it’s also unlike any other bike on this list. A unique feature is in the frame. It’s unlike any other frame on this list and is made of AE81 Super Magnesium.

It’s very similar to Aluminium but is lighter and more shock absorbing. It’s not a commonly used material in the bike world, but it is excellent in its own right. Alongside this wonder frame, it’s paired with a Carbon Fork to keep the bike super light and offer agile handling.

This is very much so a road bike with clearance for big tires in its geometry. It runs the Shimano GRX 2X 10 speed gravel groupset, which is excellent for range and ability. The wheelset is 700c and is equipped with 37c tires. Also, it is tubeless-ready. The brakes are the Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes.

Pros and cons for the VAAST A/1 700C GRX 2X

  • Supermag Frame
  • GRX Groupset
  • Tubeless-ready Rims
  • Very Road biased Geometry
  • Tires on the smaller side for a gravel bike
Why We Like It

This bike is excellent, and it will probably be the quickest bike on the list, but on gravel, it isn’t as rugged as some of the other bikes. If you’re looking for a fast road and light gravel bike, this is the one for you. If you’re looking for an off-road beast, other bikes on this list will be better suited, like the Marin DSX 2.

4. Marin DSX 2

Marin DSX 2

Features of the Marin DSX 2

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Deore 12 Speed
  • 700c Wheelset 47c Tires
  • Shimano Deore Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Carbon Forks, Flat Bars, MTB Tech

Now the Marin DSX 2 is a monster of a gravel bike, and I’m sure to some the best gravel bike on this list. Let’s start with the Marin Aluminium Frame. Well, it’s a Marin, so you know it’s an excellent start, as they make top-quality frames.

It has a relaxed Hardtail Geometry and shares many features of a mountain bike. Unlike a mountain bike, it’s paired up with Marin Carbon Gravel Forks. The frame comes with Flat bars, and this is where this bike gets interesting.

With flat bars, it can run a Mountain bike groupset, which is what they have done. It has a Shimano Deore 12 speed Groupset which is a solid and smooth shifting groupset. It comes with a 700c wheelset and 47c tires.

Not only can it work with 700c, but you can also swap those wheels out and put 650B with 2.1” Mountain bike tires if you want to be on some rough terrain. The Deore brakes are Hydraulic disk brakes and are brilliant and will stop you on a pin. Excellent for comfortable bike touring.

Pros and cons for the Marin DSX 2
  • Off-Road Beast
  • Flat Bars
  • Big Tire Clearances
  • Carbon Forks
  • Very Close to being a Rigid Mountain Bike
  • Slow on the Road
Why We Like It

This is an absolute beast of a bike and opposite to the VAAST because it is going to suit a rider who spends little time on the road and a lot of time off the road. I like that they have made a bike with tremendous capabilities on trails and not just gravel. It is close to the specification of some mountain bikes. A great adventure bike.

5. Surly Disc Trucker

Surly Disc Trucker

Features of the Surly Disc Trucker

  • 4130 Cromoly Steel
  • Shimano Sora / Alivio Mixed Groupset 3×9
  • 700c Wheelset with 41c Tires
  • TRP Sypre C Mechanical Brakes
  • Huge Groupset Range

The Surly Trucker is a unique bike spoken about a lot in the Gravel and Touring community. The Frame geometry is very relaxed and is going to be an absolute mile munching machine. It’s also made of Cromoly Steel, and the frame is paired up with a Cromoly fork to match.

This is going to probably be one of the most comfortable rides on this list. The groupset is also very unique on this bike. It runs a 3×9 that will offer not just the most gear selections but the most range by far out of all the bikes on this list. If you’re looking to get up a big hill, this will own the climb.

The groupset is quite old school technology, but in the touring community used regularly. The wheelset is a 700c and comes with 41c tires and has clearance up to 50c tires. The Brakes are mechanical disc brakes, and although not hydraulic, they will do the job.

Pros and cons for the Surly Disc Trucker

  • Huge Gearing Range
  • Very Comfortable ride
  • Very rugged
  • Heavy
  • Basic components
Why We Like It

The Surly is an interesting bike. It’s a gravel bike, yes, but this is made for day after day comfort. If you were looking for a bike to go on a very long tour on or off-road and to ride every day while still being comfortable, this is the one. A great bike for bike packing adventures or even just for some simple bike touring.

6. Best Value: Marin Nicasio 2

Marin Nicasio 2

Features of the Marin Nicasio 2

  • CroMo Steel Frame
  • Shimano Tiagra 2×10 Speed
  • 700c Wheelset with 37c Tires
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Full Carbon Fork

The Marin Nicasio is an excellent bike. It’s one of the steel gravel bikes on this list. Although not the lightest, it will offer a good amount of comfort in return for the extra weight you are taking. The geometry is very road bike-focused, but it works as this gravel bike isn’t made to be an off-road monster.

We’re looking at a light gravel bike here, which will be used a lot on the road. It comes with the Tiagra 2X Groupset, which is seen on many road bikes and offers a good range and selection of gears. The wheelset is a 700c set that comes with 37c tires.

The brakes are Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and it’s nice to see on this light gravel bike as many companies go cheap and use mechanical disc brakes.

Pros and cons of the Marin Nicasio 2

  • Fast and Nimble bike
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Carbon Fork
  • More light gravel/road
Why We Like It

This is a great example of a Gravel bike where you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road and taking the odd bit of gravel. It’s fast, agile, and fun. It’s very close to a cyclocross bike.

7. GT Grade Elite

GT Grade Elite

Features of the GT Grade Elite

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Claris 2X8
  • 700c Wheelset with 37c Tires
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Full Carbon Fork

The GT Grade Elite is an excellent bike for the best gravel bikes under $2000. It’s a fast bike with its lightweight aluminum frame and carbon forks. The design of the frame is unique, sporting a small triangle on the rear seat post.

It has the Shimano Claris 2X8 groupset is basic, but it has a decent range. The wheelset is 700c, and the bike comes with 37c tires. It also has a mechanical disc brake system. So on the surface, it’s pretty basic, but sometimes with bikes, that just works.

This isn’t the bike for extreme off-road terrain, but I rate it as a light gravel bike. What does make this bike special is the cost. It is very much under the budget, and you get so much for your money.

Pros and cons for the GT Grade Elite

  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Price
  • Very Basic components
Why We Like It

If you are looking for a fast road and light gravel bike at a really budget price, this is the one you need to be looking at. It’s a great starter, and the frame would be excellent to upgrade on. It’s very close to a cyclocross bike.

8. Marin Nicasio+

Marin Nicasio+

Features of the Marin Nicasio+

  • CroMo Steel Frame
  • Micro shift Groupset 1×9
  • 650B with 47c tires
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Clutch Mech

This is the second Marin on this list, and it has to be on here. This bike is a rugged off-road gravel beast. The frame is a solid CroMo Steel, and it’s paired up with a CroMo Steel Fork.

This is going to give an extremely forgiving and fun ride. The Mirco shift groupset is a 1×9, so although fewer options, the range of the gears is still very good. It also comes with a clutch mechanism. This means that if you turn the clutch on when you go over bumps fast, there’s more tension, which means less chance of the chain falling off.

It is on a 650B wheelset, and it is equipped with big 47c off-road tires. It also has mechanical disc brakes, which stop you but are not as effective as the hydraulic. Like the GT, This bike falls in the category of being outstanding value for money. It comes in at close to half the $2000 budget.

Pros and cons for the Marin Nicasio+

  • Off-road equipped
  • Clutch mech
  • Price
  • For an off-road-focused bike, I’d want hydraulic brakes
  • Heavy
  • Slow on the road
Why We Like It

The Marin Nicasio+ is an incredible off-road beast, and for the price, it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s the choice of many gravel riders. It may not have hydraulic brakes. It might be more challenging work on the road, but this bike is perfect if you are looking for some rough terrain adventure or rugged gravel riding.

9. Specialized Sirius X 4.0

Specialized Sirius X 4.0

Features of the Specialized Sirius X 4.0

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Deore 1X Trigger Shifters
  • 700c with 38c Tires
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Carbon Fork, Stem Suspension

I wanted to mention the Sirrus on the list as it is unique and would be an excellent Gravel bike, although it falls pretty close to an off-road hybrid. The frame is a lightweight Aluminium frame, and it pairs nicely with a carbon fork.

What is quite remarkable about this setup is that it has what they call a future shock upfront in the stem, which gives 20mm of suspension travel at the handlebars and lovely touch when on some bumpy terrain.

The frame also has flat bars, and because of this, they pair it up with a Deore 1x groupset, and it uses trigger shifters like on a mountain bike. The wheelset is a 700c and pretty basic. These wheels sit on 38c tires, also to help these slow down, you are equipped with Shimano hydraulic disk brakes.

Pros and cons for the Specialized Sirius X 4.0

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Flat bars aren’t for everyone
  • Basic Wheelset
Why We Like It

The Sirrus is going to be an enjoyable bike to ride. It will be comfortable, especially with that suspension stem. It will be quick as it’s pretty lightweight and value for money it’s excellent. The flat bars won’t be for everyone. It is very much a flat bar gravel bike for the road and light gravel riding.

10. Best Budget: Giant Escape 3 City Disc

Giant Escape 3 City Disc

Features of the Giant Escape 3 City Disc

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Altus Groupset 2X8
  • 700c with 38c Tires
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Rear Rack for touring

The Giant Escape 3 City Disc is a really interesting bike, and I want to start by saying it’s less than half the price of the $2000 budget. The frame is aluminum, but unlike some of the others, it’s not super lightweight.

It is designed to be strong. It is paired up with Aluminium forks, and the frame itself has a rear pannier rack as standard, so perfect for touring and Bikepacking. It has flat bars and is geared by a Shimano Altus Groupset, which is a 2X8. It’s a very basic groupset but has a decent range.

The Wheelset is Giants basic GX but currently is coming in tubeless compatible, and they’re paired with some 38c tires as standard. These disc brakes are mechanical, but that’s expected at this price point.

Pros and cons for the Giant Escape 3 City Disc

  • Price, under half the budget
  • Rear Rack
  • Excellent for Bikepacking and touring
  • Heavy bike
  • All very basic components
Why We Like It

The Giant Escape 3 is a very basic bike. It will be very comfortable, and it will handle the light gravel and off-road well. I like the rear Rack. It will make touring, Bikepacking, and commuting easy. The best thing about this is the price it’s fantastic value for money. It’s not the best gravel bike on this list but it is amazing because of the cost.

11. Tommaso Sterrata

Features of the Tommaso Sterrata

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Claris 2×8
  • 700c with 40c Tires
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Carbon Fork

The Tommaso Sterrata is an excellent Gravel bike. The aluminum frame is light and fast and is also equipped with carbon forks. The Shimano Claris gearing has a good range and plenty of options. The 700c wheelset has 40c tires, perfect for a mix of light to aggressive gravel. It doesn’t have hydraulic disk brakes, but for the price, I wouldn’t expect that. It will make an excellent all-rounder for round and gravel.

Pros and cons of the Tommaso Sterrata

  • Lightweight
  • Carbon Forks
  • Price
  • Great All-Rounder
  • Basic Components
Why We Like It

I think the Tommaso Sterrata is probably one of the best all-round bikes on this list and is an excellent jack of all trades, master of none. A great adventure bike.

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Gravel Bike Buyers Guide

Gravel Bike Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying a Gravel Bike, it is challenging to find the perfect gravel bike for you. There’s a lot of different types of bikes on the market, and they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Why is this though? It’s because gravel biking is a little bit more open to ideas.

You get drop bar gravel bikes, you get flat bar gravel bikes, and you even get cruiser bars used on gravel bikes. As long as it can go on gravel, it can be loosely classed as a Gravel bike. What makes a gravel bike good at going off-road?

It’s all down to the components they use, and in this guide, I wanted to explain the different parts of the bike, so you know what to look for when purchasing a gravel bike.

Frame Material

The frames on Gravel bikes come in all different materials. They can be Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon, and even sometimes they come in Bamboo, Hard Wood, and materials such as Graphene. Each different metal gives the bike a different ride characteristic. Let’s talk about the main three. Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon.

The Aluminum Frame also known as an alloy frame are lightweight, cheap to produce, stiff, and normally used to make a bike affordable and fast. Although this sounds all great on the surface, they can give a very unforgiving ride, and if they break, they are challenging to repair.

The Steel Frame is metal like aluminum, but they do not share many characteristics between them. Steel Frames are heavier, much cheaper to produce, flexible, and are very easy to repair when broken. The advantages of Steel mainly come in the fact they are incredibly forgiving, which makes the ride of a steel bike extremely comfortable.

They may be heavier, but if you’re not in a rush and just want to enjoy the spin, Steel is the material for you. Then we have the carbon frame. It’s very lightweight, costly to produce, stiff, and made to be extremely quick.

This is the go to racing material when it comes to cycling, it makes for a very responsive ride. It is extraordinary, but the drawbacks come in the fact although strong, it’s only strong where it needs to be. If dropped in the wrong way a carbon frame can break easily, and although they can be repaired,

I wouldn’t advise a carbon repair job. An honorable mention is Titanium, another metal frame material that is widely used in the cycling world. What makes it unique is that it is extremely forgiving, it’s a very strong material, and it’s also very light. So why are we not all on Titanium? It’s because it has to be welded in very special conditions and is expensive to produce.

Frame Geometry

Gravel Bike Frame Geometry
Image by TheArkow on Pixabay

Geometry is the design of the frame and will give it specific characteristics depending on the style it has been created in. For example, a road racing bike will be aggressive to make it fast. A Touring bike will be the opposite to make it comfortable.

A mountain bike will be designed for control. I bring this up because a gravel bike can be made for speed, comfort, or control, and they will come in many different shapes and sizes. Always read up on the bike you are looking at to make sure it will suit the riding you will be doing.

A good judge of comfort is how high the handlebars are compared to the saddle. If they are fairly even or the handlebars sit higher, expect it to be very comfortable. If the handlebars are very low, expect a more aggressive riding position.

Most gravel bikes are made for comfort, and that seems to be how companies are going when releasing a new gravel bike as it open the rider up to lots of adventure riding.


Forks come in many different materials also. You can get forks in many different materials, Carbon, Steel, and Aluminium. Like the frames, they offer different characteristics. Aluminum is stiff and relatively lightweight.

Carbon is very light and stiff. Then Steel is heavy but flexible. Stiff forks like aluminum and carbon are generally on racing bikes, and steel forks are often used on tourers and bikes made for comfort. The stiffer the fork, the more agile it will feel, but it also will be a harsher ride. The more flexible, the less agile, the more forgiving.


The Groupset or Gearing can also be very varied when it comes to cycling. You can have flat bars and use mountain bike gearing, you can have drop bars and have road bike gearing, or even you can gravel groupsets that sit between the two.

It comes down to what kind of riding you will be doing to match the groupset you will need. Typically bike companies will match the groupset to the style of frame they will be using. A good indicator is the front chainrings, 3x will be for touring and older mountain bikes, 2X is road and gravel, and 1x is mountain biking and gravel.

There are many exceptions to this rule, though. Most groupsets will offer a similar range of gears to each other. The gear range is what helps you in hilly terrain. When companies talk about speeds, it doesn’t affect the gear range. It is the number of options you have within that gear range. For example, a 2×8 speed can offer the same gear range as 1×10. The 1×10 will just have fewer options but still the same gear range.

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Gravel Bike Wheelset
Image by distelAPPArath on Pixabay

The wheels are pretty simple on good gravel bikes. You usually either get 700c or 650b. 700c is typically seen on road bikes and is nearly the same as a 29” mountain bike wheel. 700c wheels are bigger than 650b and will normally have smaller and thinner tires on.

The bigger the wheel, the less agile it will be, but the better it will roll at higher speeds and over obstacles. The 650b is a smaller wheel nearly the same as a 27.5” mountain bike wheel. The advantage of a smaller wheel is you can fit bigger tires on them in the same frame.

Usually, a 650b wheelset will come with quite large tires. Small wheels such as 650b wheels are better at acceleration and are much more agile to move around at slower speeds, perfect for technical terrain.


Brakes serve an essential purpose, but we have very different types of gravel on the market. Firstly you always want to be on disc brakes. If you’re looking at gravel bikes without, I’d be concerned about their ability.

There are two different types of disc brakes, Mechanical and Hydraulic. Mechanical requires cables, and when you pull the brake, the cable tightens, closing the calipers and slowing down the disc on the wheel. These brakes are good, and they work but will be much harder on the hands than hydraulic.

Hydraulic brakes are fluid actuated, and when the lever is pressed, the fluid is pushed to the caliper and closes the pads together. This system is more expensive but much more efficient and much easier on the hands. They are both as reliable as each other, in my opinion, but hydraulic require less maintenance.

Unique features

When it comes to gravel bikes, it’s always worth thinking about unique features as there are plenty to be found. Gravel bikes can come with suspension stems, suspension seat posts, dropper posts, flared bars, and even clutch rear derailleurs. Certain gravel bikes might cost more because of these features, but they can complement the riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Gravel Bikes so good?

They can go off-road, they can go on the road, and also everything in between. They will not match a full-on road bike on the tarmac or a full-on mountain bike on a trail, but they will be able to do the job.

What makes a good Gravel bike?

A good gravel bike, in my opinion, will be comfortable, reasonably light, and very fun to ride. It should be about enjoying the miles.

What tire size is best on a gravel bike?

It depends on what you’re doing. Light gravel and mainly road, I’d recommend 37c. Off-road and heavy gravel, I’d personally recommend 45c and above.

Is a gravel bike better than a road bike?

They are very different bikes. Road bikes will always be best for the road as they are designed for that. Gravel bikes are designed to be able to be a little more adventurous.


Gravel bikes are a lot of fun. You will be able to use it in many different cycling disciplines, and it will spice up your training. If I could just have one bike in my garage, it would be a gravel bike. When it comes to picking the right gravel bike, it’s essential to look into what the gravel bike you are looking at buying is designed to do. Gravel biking hasn’t just come along as a fad, it’s here, and it’s here to stay. We will see a lot more UCI and professional gravel bike riding coming soon, and it will be a very recognized discipline.

Expert Tip

Suppose you’re new to gravel biking and come from a road biking background. I’d highly recommend starting on light gravel and slowly building up to more technical trails later. Slowly building up your confidence is the key to good off-road cycling.

Did You know?

Gravel biking has got so much variety when it comes to events. You can have events as short as 20k, and as long as 2000k in length. One of the most epic Gravel races available is called the Inca Divide and is 1200k around the Andes Mountain range in South America.

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Bestseller No. 1
Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Adult Gravel Bike, 14 Speeds, 700c Wheels, Light Weight Aluminum Frame, Black
  • Schwinn aluminum gravel/adventure frame with rigid fork is great for fast riding on varied terrain. 700c wheels fit riders 5’4” to 6’2” in height.
  • 14 speeds with Shimano shifter / brake lever combo and Shimano rear derailleur provide quick gear changes.
  • Alloy mechanical disc brakes deliver superior stopping power.
  • Schwinn 700 x 38c Multi -Terrain tires provide go-anywhere traction.
  • Quick release seat post makes for easy saddle height adjustment.
Bestseller No. 2
Never Underestimate An Old Man On A Gravel Bike Funny Joke T-Shirt
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  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
SaleBestseller No. 3
Tubolito Unisex's Tubo CX/Gravel Bicycle Inner Tube, Orange, 700 x 30-47
  • Double strength of standard tubes
  • Can be used in 700c and 650B tires
  • Designed for CX/Gravel tires with 30mm – 47mm width
  • Compatible with rim- and disc brakes
  • Weight 61g
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Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri is a cyclist living in Norfolk in the UK. From breaking World Records to competing in some of the hardest Bikepacking races in the world he is not shy of riding the miles. He has been lucky enough to work at some amazing shops and with some big cycling brands. Alongside this he even had input in designing bikes and has also been a tester for unreleased products. He absolutely loves cycling and believes everyone should have a bike.