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Best Road Bike in 2023 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

reviews of the best road bike in 2023

Road bikes have always been a huge part of cycling, and the Tour De Frances and races like this continue to push the limits of these bikes. Road bikes grow more and more popular every year, and the technology is advancing very quickly. We have electronic shifting, suspension components, and even some bikes with adjustable geometry.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about some of the best road bikes currently on the market. We’re going to look at some high-end bikes, some mid-range bikes, and also some bikes for smaller budgets. When we look at these road bikes, were going to be looking at;

  • Brand
  • Frame and Forks
  • Group set
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Special Features

Looking at these parts of the bikes lets us break it down, so you know exactly what to expect if you plan to purchase it. So let’s look at some bikes.


Supersix Evo


Schwinn Phocus


Cervelo Caledonia

Explore road bikes by price point:

Best Road Bikes

1. Orbea Orca M20iLTD

Orbea Orca M20iLTD

Orbea makes an amazing bike, and very few come even close to the quality they produce. The Orca is not just a bike. It’s a racing machine, and it has some serious technology to ensure it can be the best it can be.

Features of the Orbea Orca M20iLTD

  • Carbon OMX Aero Frame and Fork
  • Shimano Ultegra Groupset
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Vision Carbon Wheelset with Vittoria Tires
  • Carbon Seatpost

The Orbea OMX is an incredible bike, starting with the frame and fork. It’s not just light. It is super light, and with its monocoque constructed frame, it’s also a very strong and incredible frame material. This bike is going to give the most epic power transfer and feel stiff and fast with every pedal stroke because of this frame. It is paired with a Shimano Ultegra groupset, but this isn’t a basic Ultegra. It’s the new Di2 electronic shifting model. Expect silky smooth shifting and some amazing customizable options.

The OMX also is equipped with Ultegra Hydraulic disc brakes for epic stopping power and reliability. Then you have the wheels. Typically, a bike like this would have some high-end aluminum wheels, but Orbea has given this bike the Vision SC Disc Carbon wheels in a 40mm aero depth. These are very lightweight, very fast wheels and paired up with the Vittoria Rubino ProIV G2.0 tires. These are setup tubeless-ready and are excellent all round tires. I love that they have also gone with a carbon fiber seat post to keep the bike even lighter and a top-level Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow Saddle.


  • Looks Incredible
  • Very Aerodynamic and Lightweight
  • Di2 Electronic Shifting
  • Carbon Fiber Wheelset
  • Top Level saddle


  • It’s not cheap

The Orbea OMX is a very special bike and is going to really help you make cycling easy and make racing much more enjoyable. There’s nothing on this bike that is going to slow you down and it is a serious race bike.

2. Best Overall: Supersix Evo

Supersix Evo

One of the most popular road racing bikes ever made is the Supersix Evo, and they are consistently improving it year after year and in such incredible and unique ways.

Features of the SUPERSIX EVO

  • Carbon Frame and Fork
  • SRAM Force AXS Groupset
  • SRAM Hydraulic Brakes
  • Hollowgram 35 Carbon Wheel with Vittoria Tires
  • Carbon Seatpost and Handlebars

The Supersix Evo comes in many shapes and forms. You can get them for anywhere from about $3000 to $13000. We think when you go mid-range on a bike like this, you get a lot for your money but also can easily upgrade, and that is why the EVO was an excellent choice. The frame and forks are very lightweight, and one thing the Supersix is known for is being in the featherweight category of road bikes. The groupset is the SRAM force but not just the standard you have the AXS fully wireless connection kit to make a seriously good shifting machine.

Then we have the brakes. This bike has SRAM Force brake but not your typical 140mm and 160mm combo. It has twin 160mm brake discs. The wheels are excellent and come in the form of the Hollowgram 35s Carbon Wheels. They are tubeless-ready and come with the Vittoria Pro Bright Black in a 25c. When you buy this bike, you will also be getting a carbon fiber Seatpost and also a set of carbon fiber handlebars.


  • Stealth Black Color
  • Very Lightweight
  • Completely Wireless Electronic Shifting
  • Carbon Fiber Wheelset with Racing Tires
  • Carbon Seatpost and Handlebars


  • It’s not a bike you want to drop

The Supersix Evo is an incredible bike, and if you’re looking at smashing them KOMS and getting up a mountain fast, this is the bike for you. Race bikes that win competitions come like this.

3. Pinarello Prince

Pinarello Prince

Whenever you speak about Pinarello, the majority of people think of Dogma which was their flagship bike for many years but sitting patiently on the side is the Prince, and it’s a bike that you need to know about.

Features of the Pinarello Prince

  • T700 UD Carbon Frame and Fork
  • Ultegra R8000
  • Ultegra Hydraulic
  • Fulcrum 500DB and Pinarello Tires
  • Carbon Fiber Seat Post

The Pinarello range of bikes is huge, and you have many options from the Paris Endurance bike, the Dogma racing bike, and the Prince, which sits in between. Surprisingly enough, the Prince coming in around $5000, is one of the budget Pinarello models. They are a very premium brand and make a fantastic product. You can tell straight away in the frame. It’s made of their T700 carbon, which is the level below the T900. It’s light, stiff, strong, and very fast. Not only that, it looks incredible and is a real head-turner. It sits beautifully between aero and climbing, in my opinion, and is a great all round racing frame. It isn’t as aggressive as Dogma and is made to be more comfortable.

The groupset it is equipped with is the Shimano Ulterga R8000 which is excellent and a great pairing with this frame. The brakes are also the Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes. They will stop you fast and are really easy to use. The wheels are the Fulcrum 500DB. They are aluminum wheels but don’t be fooled. They are as light as some of the carbon fiber wheels on the market. They have been paired with the Pinarello Logo tires in a 25c which really compliment the bike well. You might be thinking the components are a little basic compared to the other bikes on the list at this price, and they are a little, but you are paying for the frame when buying a Prince.


  • Looks Incredible
  • Very Lightweight
  • Quality is amazing
  • Lightweight Alloy Wheelset with Racing Tires
  • Carbon seat post


  • Components are basic

The Pinarello Prince is an amazing bike, and the reason I have added it to this list is because of its frame. The components could be better, but there’s no reason you couldn’t upgrade. What you get for the price is incredible value for a very good road bike.

4. Best Value: Cervelo Caledonia

Cervelo Caledonia

This list of the best road bikes couldn’t be complete without a Cervelo on it. Cervelo is a huge brand and has made some incredible road bikes, such as the R5, which stepped the bar up for many brands.

Features of the Cervelo Caledonia

  • Carbon Frame and Fork
  • Ultegra Di2
  • Ultegra Hydraulic
  • DT Swiss E1850 Racing wheelset with Vittoria Tires
  • Computer and accessories

The Cervelo Caledonia is an excellent bike. A lot of research and development has gone into it, even to the point they offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame, which is made of carbon fiber. Not many carbon frames on the market offer such a long guarantee. It is a very light bike and not what it seems. Although it looks like an endurance road racing bike that is designed to be fast, they have also opened it up for large tires in case you want to hit a light trail every so often. It has an excellent riding position which doesn’t take away too much from the speed this bike can produce. It comes with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gearing for silk-smooth shifting and even automatic adjustments for the optimum chain line.

The brakes are Shimano Ultegra to match the groupset, and on a race bike like this, it’s nice to have such stopping power. The wheels the Caledonia uses are the DT Swiss E1850 alloy wheelset will be strong, tough, and has a low profile for climbing, but they are not the lightest. These are paired up with 30c Vittoria Rubino Pro V tires which are excellent when it comes to a combination of speed and comfort. Another great feature of this bike is the accessory mounts that come as standard to mount your Garmin or Wahoo computer.


  • Lightweight Carbon Frame and Fork
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Frame
  • Ultegra Electgronic Groupset
  • Great Tire Clearance
  • Solid wheels and tires


  • Basic Wheelset compared to other components

The Cervelo Caledonia is a very capable endurance road bike with racing ability, and for us, that ticks a lot of boxes. The Electronic groupset is a lovely touch, and it is just an incredible ride. With a set of carbon wheels, this would be an absolute force of a bike.

5. Look 765 Optimum Plus

Look 765 Optimum Plus

Look is very big as a brand when it comes to cycling. They have been known for making some amazing bikes, and years ago, the designs were outrageous as they were making bikes that didn’t just look fast. They were fast.

Features of the Look 765 Optimum Plus

  • Look Carbon with 3D Wave Technology
  • Shimano 105 Groupset
  • Shimano 105 Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano RS171 Wheels with Hutchinson tires
  • Carbon Fiber Seat Post, Huge tire clearance

If I was looking for an incredible endurance road bike, this is exactly what I would be looking for, and it ticks every box and more. The frame is lightweight, and the geometry is made for long days in the saddle with a focus on comfort. It comes with Looks 3D Wave technology giving it optimum strength and a single dropped chainstay to make it feel more agile. It won’t just be beautiful to look at, but it will be an excellent smooth ride and easy on the body. It comes with a Shimano 105 Groupset which is the one under the Ultegra. It shifts smoothing and is going to be very reliable. It does weigh a little more, but only about 300g.

Then we have the brakes. Surprisingly I was expecting rim brakes, but they have given the bike Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes, so you have excellent stopping power, and they will work excellently in all weather conditions. They are using the Shimano RS171 wheelset, which is entry-level alloy wheels, and they are going to last a long time but are fairly weighty. They have paired these wheels with Hutchinson tires in a 30c. What is incredible about this bike is that it can accommodate tires up to 42c, which is incredible and more than some gravel bikes, so it gives you a lot of options for even a bit of gravel riding.


  • Lightweight Carbon Frame and Fork
  • Dropped Chainstay
  • Basic but strong 105 Groupset
  • Huge Tire Clearance
  • Hutchinson Tires


  • Components are basic
  • Not the lightest bike on this list

The Look 765 offers a great comfortable endurance ride on the road and offers a huge amount of flexibility for light gravel riding. We like this bike because it’s fast and adaptable.

6. Giant Defy

Giant Defy

The Giant Defy has a huge legacy when it comes to endurance road bikes and has changed a lot over the years. We absolutely love the latest installment and feel it’s an incredible bike for anyone to own.

Features of the Giant Defy

  • Advanced-Grade Composite Carbon Frame
  • Shimano 105 Groupset
  • Shimano 105 Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Giant PR-2 Tubeless Ready with Giant Tires
  • D Fuse seat post and handlebars

The Giant Defy is an excellent bike, and starting with the frame, let’s tell you what to expect. The bike is made of Giant’s Advanced-Grade Composite. This is their Carbon Fiber, and it is very good. It’s light, stiff, and will feel very responsive to ride. The geometry is made for endurance and all day long comfort. I love the small rear triangle. This will make the bike handle well and keep the weight nice and low down. Like the Look 765 above, it is kitted with a Shimano 105 2x groupset, which will give you an excellent range of gearing and is suited to road riding.

It has hydraulic disc brakes also for excellent stopping power and reliability. They are even self-adjusting, so you always get excellent braking power no matter how low your pads are getting before they need replacing. The wheelset is the Giant PR-2. This is a tubeless-ready wheelset, and they are paired with Gavia Fondo 1 32c tires. For a road bike, these are large tires, but they will only add to your level of comfort and not a big enough jump to affect your speed vastly. The seat post and handlebars have the D Fuse technology. This gives them lots of flexibility and creates a small form of suspension over rough surfaces.


  • Giants Advanced Composites Frame
  • Excellent Endurance Geometry
  • D Fuse Technology on seat post and handlebars
  • Basic but strong 105 Groupset
  • Tubeless PR-2 Wheels and Tires
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes


  • Components are basic

The Giant Defy continues to surprise us as it just gets better and better with every version that is released. We highly rate it, and even as a bikepacking bike would be incredible.



Marin makes a huge range of bikes that are very popular among gravel riders, mountain bikers, and even adventure riders. They also fall into the category of making a good road bike too, and the Gestalt 2 is a prime example of this.

Features of the MARIN GESTALT 2 BIKE 2022

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame with Carbon Fork
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Marin Wheelset with WTB Tires
  • Rack and Fender mounts

The Marin Gestalt 2 is not like many other bikes on this list and is more basic. Basic doesn’t mean bad though, and this is an incredible value for money road bike. The frame is the 6061 Aluminum and isn’t as light as the carbon fiber bikes on this list, but it’s still strong and will feel stiff and responsive. It’s got a very comfortable geometry and isn’t made for racing in a crit. It’s made for those long distance days out where you want to enjoy every moment. The Shimano Tiagra groupset is a 2×10 speed setup and is the level below Shimano 105 and two levels below Ultegra, but it shifts well and is very cheap to maintain.

The brakes are mechanical disc brakes, and although they might not have the stopping power hydraulic brakes do, they are very easy to maintain, and any issues can be easily fixed. The wheels are Marin’s own, and they are a strong double-walled wheelset equipped with WTB Exposure Comp tires in 32c. These wheels are tubeless-ready, and you can even fit larger tires on if you want a light gravel ride. One thing that I feel sets this bike apart from the rest is the fact it has rack and fender mounts and is not just ready for a sharp, fast road ride but is one pannier set away from a long distance bike tour and all on the same bike.


  • Strong Aluminum Frame
  • Excellent Endurance Geometry
  • Rack and Fender Mounts
  • Tubeless-ready wheelset and tires
  • Price


  • Components are basic
  • The bike will be heavier than others on this list
  • Mechanical brakes are not as powerful

What I love about the Marin Gestalt is that you’re getting a strong aluminum bike that is basic but will be able to give you thousands of trouble free miles for such a low cost. As an entry-level bike to the sport that can be used as a touring bike is ideal.

8. Ridley Fenix SLA Disc

Ridley Fenix SLA Disc

Ridley was born in Flanders, Belgium, and they are very serious about their cycling. Flanders is not an easy place to ride a bike, and it is full of rolling hills and cobbles. Ridley wanted to make an all rounder to handle this, and the Fenix SL is what they have brought us.

Features of the Ridley Fenix SLA Disc

  • Superlight 6005-601 Aluminum Frame, Full Carbon Fork
  • Shimano 105 Groupset
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Shimano RS171 with Vittoria Tires

The Ridley Fenix has some great features about it, and we think it needs a place on this list as the value for money is excellent, and I believe they have made an excellent all-round road bike. Starting with the frame, it’s aluminum, and it’s of high quality with triple butted welds and a 6005-601 base compound. Paired with the carbon fiber fork, it makes a great base for a light road racing bike. As far as your gearing goes, you have the solid 105 groupset. It’s the R7000 model and comes in a 2×11 speed format giving you gears for easy climbing and descending.

Speaking of descending, you have the brakes to do it in the Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes. They’re powerful, reliable, and require very little maintenance. They are paired up with the Shimano RS171 disc wheelset, which has 160mm discs front and rear. The wheels are excellent. They are very strong but do come a little heavy. The tires are the Vittoria Zaffiro in a 25c, and the bike can go up to 28c if required.


  • Strong Triple Butted Aluminum Frame
  • Excellent Endurance Geometry
  • Hydraulic brakes for fast stopping
  • Strong Shimano Wheelset
  • Price


  • The bike isn’t the lightest on this list
  • The color is very bold

The Ridley Fenix SL is excellent value for money. It looks great, and no corners have been cut as far as components go. I feel they have made an excellent all rounder and feel it’s worth anyone’s money at such a low price.

9. Orbea Avant H30D

Orbea Avant H30D

If you loved the Orbea Orca at the top of this list, but it wasn’t in your budget, we have a great bike that is well up your street, and although it might not offer the performance, it can still give you an amazing ride.

Features of the Orbea Avant H30D

  • Hydroformed Aluminum Frame, Full Carbon Fork
  • Shimano 105 Groupset
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Orbea Corsa wheels with Vittoria Tires

The Orbea H30D is a force to be reckoned with, and you get a lot for your money when it comes to this bike. It has a strong but lightweight, hydroformed aluminum frame, paired with a carbon fork. The geometry is excellent, and one of my favorite things about this bike is the slacked top tube. This is an endurance bike and is made for a mix of speed and comfort. Perfect for those long day rides out. As with many of the bikes on this list, you have a Shimano 105 Groupset which, as far as road biking goes, is excellent and offers you everything you will need.

Hydraulic brakes will stop you fast, and they won’t give you any hassle as far as maintenance goes. The wheels are Orbea’s own, and they are made of aluminum. They have a low profile and keep the weight of the bike down. As far as brand own wheels, Orbea does make an excellent set that is not to be frowned at. The tires they have given to these wheels are the Vittoria Zaffiro V. These are rigid tires and come in a 28c for a good mix of comfort and speed.


  • Aluminum Frame with a slack top tube
  • Excellent Endurance Geometry
  • Hydraulic brakes for fast stopping
  • Great Orbea Wheelset


  • Not the cheapest pound for pound bike, nearly the price of carbon.

The Orbea H30D isn’t the cheapest aluminum bike, but it is going to give you an amazing ride, and they have done an excellent job of keeping the weight down and giving the bike excellent performance.

10. Marin Lombard

Marin Lombard

This is the second Marin on the list. The Lombard is part of their budget range and is a very popular bike for people who are new to cycling on the roads and just looking for a bike to last for years, not just a season.

Features of the Marin Lombard

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame and Forks
  • Shimano Sora Groupset
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Marins own Wheels with Vee Tires
  • Rack and Fender Mounts

The Marin Lombard is one of my favorite bikes on this list and just ticks every box for me when it comes to a good all rounder at a very low price. The first thing we have to say is it looks amazing. It comes in bright silver, and the shape and all the lines in the frame look so clean. The frame and forks high quality 6061 aluminum and a very solid base to bring all the components of this bike together. It has a nice upright riding position to keep you comfortable and on the bike for long periods of time. It comes with a Shimano Sora Groupset that will give you 18 gears on a 2×9 speed system. It will shift smoothly, and when it comes to climbing gears, you will have plenty to choose from, no matter your cycling ability, as it uses small front chainrings.

The brakes are the Tektro mechanical disc brakes, and for a bike of this price, we are impressed to see they went disk instead of rim brakes. They are not hydraulic but will stop you well and be very easy to maintain. The wheels are Marin’s own wheelset which comes double butted and is very strong. The tires equipped are Vee G Sport 40c in a tan wall, which are huge and will open you up to gravel riding. I love the fact this road bike has rack and fender mounts, so you can use this bike for long distance riding and touring. Very few modern road bikes have mounts now.


  • 6061 Aluminum Frame and Forks
  • Shimano Sora Groupset
  • Disc brakes for fast stopping
  • Marin Double butted Wheelset
  • Rack and Fender Mounts
  • Large Tires


  • Not the lightest
  • Tan Wall tires are bold

The Marin Lombard is an excellent bike, and it just offers so much for the user in terms of riding on the road, touring, and even gravel riding. The bike looks great and with Shimano components and disc brakes just make this a full package.

11. Best Budget: Schwinn Phocus

Schwinn Phocus

Schwinn makes a very good bike at a very budget price point. They open cycling up to so many people, and as far as entry-level bikes go, they are a huge player.

Features of the Schwinn Phocus

  • Aluminum Frame and Forks
  • Shimano Claris Groupset
  • Rim Brakes
  • Schwinns on Wheels

The Schwinn is one of the best priced bikes on this list, and you get so much value for your money with this road bike. The first thing is the frame. It’s made for all day long comfort rides and to be strong. The riding position is excellent. It is heavy, yes, and you won’t see one of these in the Tour De France, but as a starter bike to get into cycling, the frame is strong, and it has a universal geometry to suit a lot of riders. The groupset isn’t a cheap knock off, it’s an official Shimano Claris groupset which is a few levels below the 105, and it’s ideal. You get 14 gears and a decent range to work with, and even shifters on the brakes, not the old butterfly bar shifters like you would expect on a bike at this price.

The brakes are rim brakes, unlike many modern bikes. They are ok. They will stop you when needed but won’t work too well in wet or muddy conditions. The cycling industry typically now aims to use disc brakes on the majority of bikes these days as they are just much better. The wheels are basic aluminum and have a small aerodynamic profile. They are 700c in size and are built to be strong and not super light. They are good wheels and will give you many happy miles. The tires will be basic and more than likely unbranded, but if they aren’t too good, $30 on new tires can easily fix that.


  • Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • Solid Shimano Groupset
  • Strong wheels
  • Price


  • Heavy
  • Rim brakes aren’t ideal

The Schwinn is an ideal starter bike and, for the price point and is worth anyone’s hard earnt money. We highly recommend it, and it is of excellent value.

Road Bike Buyers Guide

Man With a Red Shirt Riding a Road Bike

What do you need to look for when buying a road bike? Well, road bikes can be very challenging when it comes to getting the right one because bikes are made up of so many parts you have to look into what you’re getting and what advantages or disadvantages of each part of the bicycle will give you. In this guide, we will break each part of the bike down and run through what you need to be looking for to ensure you get the correct bike for you. We will speak about frames, forks, groupsets, brakes, wheels, and tires. This knowledge will help you make the right informed choice when it comes to you buying your new road bike. 


Men Riding a Black Road Bike And Shifting Gears

When it comes to getting the right road bike frame for you, there are a few things to consider. The first is frame material, and typically you will see two materials on modern-day road bikes, aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum is fairly lightweight, it’s very stiff, very strong, and also very cheap to produce. This is a perfect material for keeping the cost down but giving a bike excellent performance. Then you have carbon fiber, it’s very lightweight, strong where it needs to be, very stiff, but very expensive to produce. The best out of the two is carbon, but I recommend aluminum for beginners who might fall off or drop their bikes. An honorable mention to steel and titanium also, which you don’t often see in road bikes but also are very good.

Then you have geometry, this is the design of the bike, and it can give the user comfort for long distance riding, or it provides speed for a racing situation. Geometry comes down to the position the rider is in. A good example is an aggressive bike that will bring the user’s front down to make them more aerodynamic and, in turn, much faster as they can cut through the wind better. This is a common position on an aero road bike. This position would require the user to be lent over, which can be very uncomfortable for long periods of time. A relaxed geometry would have higher handlebars, giving the rider a less aerodynamic position but a much more comfortable place for the rider to be in. A common position on touring bikes.


Assembling Frame and Forks

Forks, like the frames, come in different shapes and materials. They typically will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Typically on most bikes for the road, you will want carbon, but aluminum is just as good. It is heavier though. Forks also affect the geometry, but they will be designed to suit the frame’s shape, so I wouldn’t recommend changing these out without doing some research.


Groupset Gravel Bike
Image by fotoblend on Pixabay

Then we have the groupset. When you have a road bike, you need low ratios to get up climbs easily and high ratios to get downhill quickly. Most typical road bikes come with a very similar setup, and this is what we call a double chainring. It means you have two different cogs at the front and a cassette with multiple cogs at the rear. For climbing, you want smaller cogs at the front and a large cassette at the rear. For descending, you want the opposite. Typically most groupsets will offer a good range for you.

The best advice we can give you when it comes to getting gearing on a bike is to go for a good brand. There are a lot of different brands on the market, but the three you are going to get an excellent reliable product out of are Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. 


Black Bike with Rim Brake
Bike with rim brake

It really comes down to one thing, rim or disc brakes in our opinion. Years ago, you would only see rim brakes on road bikes, but over the past years, many companies have now gone over to disc brakes, which are much better. They are more powerful, more reliable, and work in all conditions, even heavy rain and thick mud. 

Rim brakes use the wheel’s surface to slow the bike down, and disc brakes use a disc attached to the wheel to slow the bicycle down. Disc brakes are much better and come with huge advantages. I would recommend getting them. If you do fall in love with a bike with rim brakes, it will still be ok, but it won’t perform as well, in our opinion.

Wheels and Tires

Bicycle Large Tires

Wheels and tires are much more important than most people think because they are a moving part of the bike. No corners can be cut when it comes to wheels. They need to be perfectly round, light, strong and be able to take a knock. On a road bike, they will always be 700c but rarely come in a 650c size. This is the standard on which most frame providers build their bikes on.

They come in aluminum and carbon fiber generally. Aluminum wheels are strong, fairly lightweight, and cheap to produce. Carbon fiber is very light, strong, and expensive to produce. In a perfect world, having carbon fiber wheels would be ideal, but this would add thousands of dollars to each bike. On very high-end bikes, you will see carbon, but it will be aluminum in the mid and low range. Either is fine as they can easily be upgraded.

Tires on road bikes are typically from 23c to 30c. They are small and thin and designed with aerodynamics in mind and puncture protection. Going for a good brand will typically give you better miles and fewer punctures. Many tires now come in tubeless versions, which means you don’t have a tube inside, but you have sealant instead, which can heal punctures while you ride. We highly recommend tubeless, but tubes are fine too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the weight of my road bike matter?

We can’t say it doesn’t. If you are in a race, it will make a difference. Having a light bike helps you climb much easier, and it takes less power to push forward. If you are not racing and just on a club run, a kilo or two doesn’t make a huge amount of difference.

How much should I spend on my first road bike?

It comes down to what your budget is more than anything, but for your first, id aim below $2000, then on your second bike, invest more. It’s better to learn bike control on something cheaper than on an excellent bike you could end up ruining.

What are the best road bike brands?

Big names brand always produce good quality. Bike likes Giant, Specialized, Marin, Orbea are all excellent, and even their budget bikes are a very high standard. They typically last longer, are easier to work on, and resell for much more. Typically many of the best brands you will only find online and not in a local bike shop.


Road bikes are a lot of fun, and whatever you choose, you will have an excellent experience. Cycling has a huge amount of benefits from getting fitter, weight management, and even making new friends. We highly recommend the sport.

Expert Tip

One thing I highly recommend is when you start cycling is to join a club. Find some friends to ride with and get involved in going to events with them. It will be a lot of fun, and you will be able to support other riders and have them support you on challenges.

Did you know?

It’s 20 x cheaper to maintain and run a bike over a car, and naturally, people who choose the bike live much healthier lives due to the extra exercise they do.

Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri is a cyclist living in Norfolk in the UK. From breaking World Records to competing in some of the hardest Bikepacking races in the world he is not shy of riding the miles. He has been lucky enough to work at some amazing shops and with some big cycling brands. Alongside this he even had input in designing bikes and has also been a tester for unreleased products. He absolutely loves cycling and believes everyone should have a bike.