How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Bike?

bike shipping cost

Cycling is a lot of fun and having a bike is great for your fitness, social circles and excellent for your mental health. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to owning a bike. A task that is challenging for many is shipping a bike. It’s much more complicated compared to a standard large … Read more

Bicycle vs. Tricycle for Seniors

bicycle vs. tricycle for seniors

When it comes to cycling, there are many different bike options on the market. They all have different uses and suit different people. Working in a bike shop, I was often asked by seniors which is the better option, a bicycle or a tricycle? Bicycles and Tricycles are totally different, and you are going to … Read more

6 Ways to Lose Weight While Cycling

losing weight while cycling

Typically many people take to a bike when it comes to losing weight. Cycling is a fantastic way to lose weight and makes the process really fun. Why is cycling so good for weight loss? Here are a few reasons; It burns lots of calories Low Impact Cheap to do It can be done pretty … Read more

Do Bicycles Have a Weight Limit?

do bicycles have a weight limit

This is a common question asked by many cyclists when it comes to riding bikes, and it can be challenging to get the information directly from a supplier as they are often quite vague on information when it comes to bike weight. Often we take to cycling to make ourselves lighter, but what really is … Read more