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GMC Denali Road Bike Review – Know THIS before purchasing

The GMC Denali Road Bike -

There was a time that even me wasn’t cycling yet. I used to see my friends cycle around on their road bikes and envy them. This is until I decided to begin riding a bicycle too. Before setting out on the road, however, I knew I had to do a thorough research to find a simple road bike that is easy to use and ideal for a beginner. When I came across the GMC Denali road bike, I knew I had found the right bike for a beginner. This bike is built to give beginners a fun and fruitful ride. Read on to learn more on my GMC bike review!

Things to Consider before Buying a Road Bike

A road bike is mostly used for short and long races because it is lightweight and easy to control. The GMC Denali Bike is ideal for beginner cyclists who are looking for a cost-friendly road bike that is conveniently designed.

It makes riding road bikes safe because you can maneuver around corners and obstacles with great control.

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In some of my other articles, I already wrote a bit about the important factors you need to consider before buying a road bike. In a nutshell, these are the following factors.

Frame Material

Most bikes come with titanium, steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum frames.

Steel. Looks stylish and is strong, but it can also be a little too heavy. Moreover, it is prone to rust, something that compromise its durability.

Titanium. Is light and hence the fuzz after Lance Armstrong chose its frame in 1999.

Aluminium bike frame - GMC Denali road bike review

Aluminum. Is as light as carbon fiber although it is cheaper and stiffer. As such, if you are looking for a road bike on a low budget, aluminum-frames models will be a suitable choice.

Carbon. With the current drive towards making more profits, road bike manufacturers are using carbon fiber frames since it fetches a higher price tag.


The wheel-set you go for will be determined by how you intend to use the bike. If you are going mountain or hill climbing, it would be wise to choose lightweight wheels for simpler control and speed.

However, if you are trailing, you might want to go for the aerodynamics deep-sectioned rims. If you are buying the road bike for workout training sessions, choosing a brand with sturdier wheels will come in handy.

Bike Size

You should consider the size of the bike to know whether it will be the right fit for you. An ergonomically designed bike does not automatically qualify as the best option. You have to consider your riding comfort.

The GMC Denali Bike Review

The GMC Denali Bike


  • Frame: Aluminum

  • Brakes: Side pull brakes
  • Speeds: 21
  • Weight: 33 Pounds

Who Makes The GMC Denali Road Bike?

The GMC Denali road bike is manufactured by Kent, which is one of the oldest manufacturing and assembling companies across the globe.

It features an innovative design that features an aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight enough for ease of control.

The GMC Denali is an entry-level road bike that comes in four sizes: large, medium, small, and extra-small.


  • Good geometry that delivers a thrilling ride

  • 21 speeds makes it ideal for mountain cycling
  • Shimano components for guaranteed quality and durability
  • 4 sizes to give buyers a wide variety of choice


  • The seat is a bit stuffy

  • You need to assemble it

GMC Denali Road Bike Features & Benefits

The GMC  bike comes with 700C wheels that are lightweight and ideal for casual cycling.

To use these 28-millimeter tires effectively, it is advisable that you put 50 to 75 PSI of pressure. You can also rely on the aggressive wheels for energetic street races thanks to their enhanced performance.

The wheels can also handle the roughest and toughest terrain on your way. The 21-speeds also make the bike ideal for mountain climbing since it provides more gears for a fun and safe ride.

The main challenge with these gears is that during assembly, you need to fine-tune them for enhanced performance, and this might be confusing for beginning cyclists.

The road bike has a sturdy construction that allows it to provide long lasting services to you. It is built using an aluminum frame that makes it super lightweight and easier to control.

You can trust the alloy calipers to help you make quick turns and sudden stops without falling off the bike. It is a high performing model with brake levers that work alongside the high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims.

The mechanical rim braking system also makes this bike suitable for cycling on the busy streets because you can stop in a dime when need be. 

Furthermore, these high-profile rims are stylish, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking for an elegant road bike.

The GMC Denali Bike

Some users, however, have found the brakes to be less responsive as compared to other brands in the same class.

What’s more, the levers may use some improvements to make them stronger and more reliable.

It has ergonomically fitted Shimano Revo shifters that you can shift quickly and safely without releasing the handlebars. Further featured is a Shimano derailleur that makes the drive train easier to control while changing gears smoothly.

A great bike should make cycling fun by featuring high standard gears. This bike has a Shimano Index front derailleur, a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, and Shimano Revo shifters.

All these components work seamlessly alongside one another to give you an enjoyable riding moment.

If you are going on a long cycling race, then you will appreciate the alloy water bottle cage that will help you stay hydrated and refreshed.

It features a thoughtful design that allows you to enjoy a high speed and smooth riding on long distances. It ’s aluminum frame is tough and resistant to wear and tear.

The frame also reduces the weight of the bike significantly so you have an easy time controlling for longer ride time.

You, therefore, can cruise down the street smoothly as you perfect your cycling skills.

Compared to other road bike brands in the same class, one could confidently identify the GMC Denali bicycle as the cheapest since it has aluminum components.

Before paying for this bike, however, you need to know that it will come unassembled. As a result, you will require tools like a head screwdriver, a wrench, and a flathead screwdriver to put everything together.

On the other hand, if you would rather buy a wholly assembled road bike, consider paying an additional $75. Regardless of how you prefer getting the bike, GMC Denali bike could be ideal for you if you are looking to invest a small amount of money on a sophisticated road bike.

The GMC Denali costs less than most high-end bikes but outperforms a majority of them. Even though you are starting your bicycle-riding journey, however, you might want to upgrade some of its components including the seat for more comfort and pedals for riding efficiency.

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What do others say about the GMC road bike?

When I did my research I found out that, most users find the GMC Denali road bike quite appealing due to its ease of assembly, smooth riding performance, and a cost-friendly price. A user wrote:

“This bike is wonderful. Incredibly easy setup and I am a daily commuter in Seattle so I’ve been able to get plenty of use out of the bike. Well worth every penny!”

However, some users argue that the bike is made using poor quality components:

“Damage to rear derailleur cable (crushed)”.

As mentioned above, you will need to upgrade a few items to keep the bike in good shape and to ensure that it is well performing.

What are the alternatives for the GMC Denali road bike?

Now you have a good idea what this road bike has to offer. I’ll give you some alternatives to compare.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

To make Vilano Tuono 3.0 Road Bike lightweight, the manufacturer includes a 6061 double-butted aluminum aero.

It also has a thread-less 700c 1 1/8″ fork that is high performing and super responsive.

Vilano Tuono road bike is also built with Shimano STI integrated shifters that are easy to reach even when cycling on a busy street.

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This Vilano road bike is ideal for all beginner cyclists looking to race on the flat streets as well as ride on tough terrain.


  • Both road bikes have 700c Doubled Walled CNC machined side Kenda tires that come in handy when riding on rough terrains.
  • Both bikes need assembling and tuning after purchase.
  • The two bikes feature 21-speed Shimano.

EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 21 Speed 700C


  • Frame: Steel

  • Brakes: Disc
  • Speeds: 21
  • Weight: NA

EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 is another great alternative for the GMC Denali road bike.

However, unlike the latter model that comes fully unassembled, Eurobike comes 80 percent assembled.

This will save you some time..

If you are looking for a low cost but high-performance bike that needs minimal assembling, therefore, EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 is the perfect option.


Getting a well-constructed road bike that is built for versatility can be hard. The Denali GMC road bike is ideal for beginners because it can handle flat, hilly, and rough terrains with ease.

It comes with 700c wheels and an aluminum frame that makes it superior to some expensive bikes. It’s built with premium quality components that allow it to serve you for a long time.

With the bike, you can quickly reach the brakes and change them in a second for your safety while commuting. Furthermore, the shifters and gears are highly responsive although a little tuning will help enhance their performance.

To get the most out of its unique features, you might want to upgrade some components. Some of the upgrades that might prove essential include switching the hard seat for a padded type to enjoy the desired riding comfort.

If you are just starting out as a cyclist, then the GMC Denali road bike might be your favorite option, especially if you are shopping on a budget.

The GMC Denali Bike


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